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  • Ciaran McGuigan

How to leave an effective prospecting voicemail (and get a call back!)

For most of us in sales, leaving messages on voice mail is a way of life. If you are trying to reach decision makers, (their time is valuable) you need to leave a message which gives them a REASON to call you back. A lot of the work that you put into creating a great opening statement (see page 1) can really help here. Here are a few tips for leaving an effective voicemail.

Make sure that you leave your phone number at the beginning and end of the message, you cannot be sure that your prospect will go back to the start to listen again to your pitch. Also, think of what you can say that will make them want to call you back as soon as they hear the message.

You have to make sure your tone is confident, well paced and has authority. The easiest way to do this is to start recording yourself. I have not met many executives who liked the way they sound, but that’s the reality of how you sound to prospects. Having done that, you can begin to start changing and controlling your tone for the better.

One more thing, try this; if you are leaving a voice mail message, flip the phone over and speak into the mouthpiece as if it were a microphone in your hand, you will be surprised at how much better you will sound.

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