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Strike Force Sales is a dedicated B2B lead generation and new business development agency. We partner with organisations large and small to help them get more leads and generate new business fast.

Our team guide you through the B2B lead generation process from conception to realisation, including data, targeting, pitch, outbound reach,  and follow-up. This means you can focus on more important matters, like looking after your current customers, closing deals and running the business.

What if you you could:

  • Generate more and higher-quality leads with minimal effort

  • Free up your prospecting time for important tasks like closing & nurturing important high-value clients

  • Partner with a specialist company with two decades of expertise in B2B Lead generation

  • Fill your diary with high-quality warm leads with senior level decision makers

  • Get your brand in front of up to 100 new prospects per day

Start by exploring our services to see which solution is best for you. 

Still not sure if B2B lead generation is right for you? Why not take advantage of our free B2B sales checkup? One of our experts will give you a free evaluation of your current sales processes and provide recommendations on how to fill your sales pipeline (whether it's with our help or not.)

With 15+ years in business, we never take on projects unless we know we can deliver, so you have peace of mind that we will give you a straightforward and honest opinion on what your next steps should be.

Click below to secure your FREE checkup. For a limited time you'll also receive a  12-page guide on the seven ways  to close more sales.

(PS. Our experts are busy, so we do a limited number of checkups each month. If you miss out this time, we'll keep you on the waitlist in case a spot opens up.)

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Ciaran McGuigan

Ciaran McGuigan is one of the country's most experienced executives in transforming sales teams and their results. His innovative and engaging seminars help executives of all levels achieve the goals they are seeking.


Unlike other sales training coaches or speakers, Ciaran is more than a 'Thought Leader' he formed and owns a successful business that uses his own techniques. Techniques that are PROVEN with millions of sales calls, thousands of meetings and negotiations forming the basis for sales success for him, his team and his clients.


Owner and director of several sales related businesses based in Sydney Australia, Ciaran employs over 30 sales professionals working across the APAC region.


Specialties: Cold Prospecting, Call Avoidance, Sales effectiveness Audit, Presentation techniques, Account Management, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, Objection Handling, Building Rapport, Telesales Campaign Management.

Entrepreneur, Author of 'The World's Best Sales Tips' Expert in New Business Development Strategies and Tactics. Conference Speaker and Motivational Trainer.

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