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New Business is Our Business

It's not good enough to follow the same strategy as last year. Randomly calling a business to promote your offering is not the most time and cost effective method of discovering opportunities in the marketplace.

Right now, your competitors are speaking to the same organizations you are, searching for the most suitable contacts, engaging multiple people in conversation, and working through the business hierarchy until they find the most suitable decision makers.

What if you had a file of all the decision makers and their influencers in all your target companies? What if you had information on the key relationships and politics at each level of the business? Direct phone numbers, emails and a personal background? Would that help?

Every journey begins with a goal. Once you understand your target's decision making environment, you can plan each move.

Imagine your Key Target Account laid out in front of you in a simple manila folder containing ALL the information you need to win. All this valuable information in digital form ready to be uploaded to your preferred CRM system. Now with REAL information you can build a real strategy.

When working on a KAT (Key Account Targeting) project, each member of our team uses the internet, publicly available information, and research gathered from personal interviews, annual reports, media releases and other sources to build a complete, detailed file on your prospects and their purchasing habits.

Senior level decision makers require a sophisticated intelligent approach.  This requires a strategy which will allow you to market to and 'nurture' each prospect without burning your brand. 

Strike Force Sales specialize in reaching and influencing senior executives in blue chip organizations.  We have run successful projects across the APAC region for some of the world's biggest brands.  We can help you do the same.

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