Sales Tips:

 Ciaran Speaks at Last Thursday Club
 Introduction.mp3  01 Introduction.mp3
 Opening Statements.mp3  02 Selling You.mp3
 Critical Issues.mp3  03 Your Sales Cycle.mp3
 First Things First.mp3  04 Objections.mp3
 Five Kontacts.mp3  05 Call Avoidance.mp3
 Initial Objections.mp3  06 Why are You calling.mp3
 Are you PREPARED.mp3  
 KNOW Selling Principles.mp3   
 The Wheel of Fortune.mp3  



 Sales Secrets:  Ian Berry speaks with Ciaran:
 01 CJ McG 1.mp3  IanBerry chats with Ciaran McGuigan.mp3
 02 CJ McG 2.mp3  
 03 CJ McG 3.mp3  Susan Friedmann Speaks with Ciaran:
 04 CJ McG 4.mp3  Friedmann Interviews Ciaran McGuigan.mp3
 05 CJ McG 5.mp3  
 ciaraninter.mp3  Edition 17_ Talking sales.mp3

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