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The Strike Force Sales Boot Camp is an intensive sales prospecting training program designed to toughen sales teams who may have gone soft and create a solid foundation for new sales staff.

A typical Boot Camp is delivered at our offices in North Sydney. Here, we provide an intensive high impact sales training program, incorporating modules such as Picking up the phone, opening statements, pitch techniques, objection handling, questioning and listening, and negotiation skills.

After the training is complete, your team get on the phone alongside our own agents. In this way they can employ their skills in a practical session where they call real prospects. Our professional telephone sales agents will listen in and coach each call. Your sales team will be empowered to make real calls, break thru gatekeepers, overcome objections, and get their foot in the door.

At the end of each day, after having made 70-80 phone calls, your sales team will be invited into a sales meeting where the results of the day are analyzed and real value placed on the leads that have been generated. The SFS Boot Camp can be tailored to run one full day, or consecutive days, depending on the number of sales people who need training.


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