Seminar and Workshop Topics

Generally a seminar will run up to 90 minutes and a workshop can be up to three hours. Workshops are more interactive and involve a lot more practical exercises and support materials. Each program is personalized to your market and specific team needs and can be delivered in your offices or at a suitable venue.

The key goal is to deliver short, relevant content with tactics and techniques that work. Your team can be using their new skills within hours and delivering real results by the end of the day.

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Call Reluctance

Module Outcome: This is the #1 sales problem in sales teams around the world. Increased activity, ability and confidence in calling ‘cold’ contacts.
Module Method: Understanding the psychology of self promotion and techniques to remove / reduce the barriers through Instruction, illustration, exclusive earlycoach models, and self learning exercises.

Handling Objections

Module Outcome: Ability & confidence in dealing with ANY objection and get to the core issue.
Module Method: Breakdown of typical prospect responses – distillation to the four key objections & how to have the perfect response every time using exclusive earlycoach models. Role Plays, Flipcharts, Notes & Instruction.

Questioning & Listening Skills

Module Outcome: Knowledge of & confidence in key consultative questioning & engagement techniques. Getting the client to ask you in. Qualifying the prospect and each stage of the sale.
Module Method: Awareness of current abilities, exclusive earlycoach models, Introduction of new models & role play.

Client & Self Motivation

Module Outcome: Appreciation of rational and emotional client drivers & how to build rapport and leverage.
Module Method: Various personality models, Pessimist / Optimist index test. Self Talk and DIY psychology of selling.

Language & Persuasion

Module Outcome: Participants have access to the six keys to persuasion and can adapt tactics to their current sales environment. The key to the sale is having the ability to implement specific persuasion techniques in the moment.
Module Method: Examples from Cialidini, Graves, NLP et al, related to current environment and actions.

Managing Sales Time

Module Outcome: Understanding the importance of ‘Selling Time’ action & control of diaries / appointments and breaks.
Module Method: Instruction and example, pulling apart a weekly diary & reverse engineering our outcomes.

Telephone Prospecting

Module Outcome: How to create buyer interest in 15 seconds. How to create a great tone of voice and delivery that demands attention. Getting decision makers to decide. Why NO is good.
Module Method: Participants role play with ‘safe’ and ‘live’ phones, exclusive earlycoach models. These techniques reduce time, worry and increase call effectiveness.

Key Account Targeting

Module Outcome: A prospecting and account acquisition model which can be deployed across vertical internal teams.
Module Method: Analysis & Identification of priority targets. Subsequent division of labour / focus on knowledge acquisition and relationship introduction and brand positioning.

Key Account Management

Module Outcome: A systematic set of behaviours which ensure client engagement and relationship centric management.
Module Method: Discussion and review of what works from the clients’ perspective. Contact models & diary systems. Creativity in account management & ‘Tag Team’ management.

Bidding and Pitching For Large Accounts

Module Outcome: Understanding of key skills and method for team orientation and management of producing a compelling response to a RFP / Tender / Competitive Pitch.
Module Method: Working on a live scenario, analysis of client needs, creative problem solving.

Sales Campaign Planning

Module Outcome: How to build a campaign plan from cold list to hot prospects.
Module Method: Reverse engineering the time line understanding the importance of micro and macro management. How to use sales letters, emails and other techniques effectively and coordinated to generate leads.

Negotiating & Securing the Sale

Module Outcome: Increased confidence and negotiating / closing ability. Understanding the impact of discount on the business and future revenue.
Module Method: Role plays and scenarios are debriefed then world class negotiating techniques are introduced & facilitated. Exclusive ‘COIN’ model.

Sales Team Leadership

Module Outcome: Understanding the different KPI’s for sales management. How to engage, coach and lead so your team follow rather than you drag them.
Module Method: Facilitated discussion. Various models are discussed & related to a sales environment. Difficult issues are isolated & resolved.

Sales Coaching and Feedback Skills

Module Outcome: How to communicate negative feedback in a positive way. Keep your direct reports focused and enthused.
Module Method: Scenario role plays. Explanation of behaviour and gaps for the coach to ‘invisible mend’ problems before they occur.

Body Language and Eye Contact for sales people

Module Outcome: How to build real emotional links with your customers though movement and eye contact.
Module Method: The S.T.A.R. model and various NLP techniques to build powerful communication.

How to build instant engagement and win over your prospect

Module Outcome: Present on any subject with ten minutes notice effectively and with passion. No nerves and complete confidence.
Module Method: The CROP technique for kickstarting your topic.

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