Reporting & Analysis

As part of our process we generate a number of different reports at various stages of the campaign - on a day to day process our clients receive a snapshot of their call stats for the day and an appointment summary for any leads that are generated. At the end of the campaign clients receive a comprehensive campaign summary report to assist them with any future marketing efforts.


End of Campaign Report

End of Campaign Reports

At the completion of your campaign or project with Strike Force Sales we will compile two end of campaign reports for you.

The first report is a one page statistical summary of the results generated during the campaign while the second part is a more comprehensive report providing feedback, analysis, observations and recommendations based on the results of your campaign.

In general the comprehesive report includes:

Data: We provide feedback on the data quality and also provide analysis and feedback on the campaign results across different data segmentations such as industry or state.

Pitch: Our agents will provide you with feedback on the learnings they made while calling for your brand. This will include observations around the reception of prospects to your brand, product or services as well as recommendations based on what worked and what didn't work in our approach. 

Objections: We will provide you with examples of the objections that we encountered while representing your brand as well as details on how we overcame these objections so that your team can move forward with these learnings.

Campaign results: This section provides a detailed summary of the campaign results including a breakdown of how the campaign progressed. We also provide feedback on how the results generated compare to the expected results and any influencing factors.

Observations & Recommendations: The final part of the report provides detailed observations around the campaign and the results generated as well as analysis of the different influencing factors. We also provide some recommendations based on the observations that we made during the campaign and suggestions as to how you and your team can profit off the momentum generated during the campaign.


Appointment Reports

Appointment Call Report

For each opportunity/appointment that Strike Force Sales generates we provide a detailed overview of the appointment including extensive notes and the prospect's requirements.

The appointment notes are written to provide your sales team with valuable insight into the opportunity and the prospect they are meeting with and are the difference between success and failure for your sales team.

The notes that we provide typically include:

An 'About Us' section where we detail who the business is and what they do.

Who the appointment is with, what their role is in the business and why they are the relevant decision maker.

We will also customise each report with the qualifying questions which were defined by you (the client).

The details of the conversation that the agent had with the prospect. This section will include valuable information including what issues, pains or challenges they are facing as well as how these issues relate to the product or service that we are offering.

The last section details the next steps for your team - when the appointment has been scheduled for as well as any action your team needs to take prior to the meeting such as sending emails or calendar invites.


Call stats

Daily Call Stats

Depending on your reporting preferences Strike Force Sales will send you a snapshot of our statistics for the day or week.

This snapshot will reflect:

The number of records or contacts that we attempted.

The number of calls we made into the market.

The number of decision maker contacts

The number of positive outcomes, the nature of which would be agreed upon prior to the campaign start.

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