The SFS Process



Campaign Briefing

Prior to the campaign start our General Manager and the Business Development Manager will sit down with you and go through all of the administrative details and campaign details. It is during this meeting that the final database is confirmed, the pitch model is created alongside a list of common objections and the relevant qualifying questions are identified.



Campaign Setup

Upon completion of the Campaign Briefing, the Administration Team will begin the process of defining a custom daily report and will build the campaign in our Cloud-based Contact Centre Software.



Campaign Start

On the day that the campaign is due to start we invite you to come in and brief the agents personally on your product or service as well as the key objectives for your campaign. This will allow you the opportunity to meet your assigned agent and offer any advice or answer any questions that they may have.



Campaign Check In

Forty-Eight hours after campaign start, we welcome you onto our sales floor to listen to your assigned agent/s. This will allow you to listen to the way we are representing your brand and enable you to offer any advice or assistance moving forward.




At the end of each day, SFS will send an e-mail outlining the daily call statistics along with all opportunities gained that day. Opportunities will be in the form of an Excel document for import into your CRM and/or separate PDF documents for each lead/appointment.



Quality Assurance

At the end of each calling day prior to anything being sent to you, the Client Services team will examine in detail the number of calls made, DM Conversion rate, the number of opportunities/appointments and the quality of the notes provided. This is to ensure that what gets sent to you is an accurate reflection of our activities that day.



Campaign End

At the end of your campaign a full end of campaign report will be generated, explaining both statistically and anecdotally our discoveries throughout the campaign. SFS will also provide thoughts and recommendations to assist in your future sales and marketing strategies. A campaign debrief is also arranged to talk through the campaign outcomes.

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