Reporting & Analysis

For each opportunity that Strike Force Sales generates we provide a detailed overview of the appointment including extensive notes and the prospect’s requirements. 

The appointment notes are written in such a way as to provide your sales team with valuable insight into the opportunity and the prospect they are meeting with and are the difference between success and failure for your sales team. The notes are typically comprised of the following:

An “About Us” section where we detail who the business is and what they do.

Who the appointment is with, what their role is in the company and why they are the relevant decision maker.

Then comes the details of the conversation that the operator would have had with the prospect. This section would contain valuable information such as what issues, pains or problems they are experiencing and how these issues relate to the product or solution that we are offering.

The last section would essentially detail the next steps – when the appointment has been scheduled for and what action the prospect needs to take prior to the meeting.

We will also customise each report with the qualifying questions which were defined by you. 

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