Information Technology


One of the unique challenges in the IT industry is bridging the knowledge gap between the problems your clients experience, and the solutions that you provide. For that reason, IT sales requires an additional education component to facilitate understanding of your system, products or delivery. Strike Force Sales’ experienced agents identify and create opportunities for your team to meet with prospective clients to demonstrate your business capabilities.

B2B Lead Generation

In a highly saturated technology market it is increasingly difficult for B2B clients to understand the capabilities of available systems, apps, and solutions. Our in-house sales team participate in detailed briefings to ensure that every step of the sales funnel is accurate, consistent, and compelling. SFS call, convert, and create a targeted list of qualified prospects. That means your team can optimise sales performance and maximise their close rates on new business. 

B2B Appointment Setting

SFS comprehensive methodology generates fully qualified sales appointments. That means your expert team has increased capacity to deliver presentations because they are no longer investing their time in meetings with poorly matched prospects. Strike Force Sales’ detailed handover process incorporates a thorough analysis of your potential clients problems, and their desired outcome or resolution. This equips your agent to deliver a focused brief for each prospect, and increases the likelihood of closed business.

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