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Strike Force Sales expedite new business marketing programs for our clients across many professional sectors. We take the time to create & nurture new connections with real decision makers. This allows you to focus on growing and running your practice; knowing you have a consistent stream of quality opportunities, vetted and qualified to your standards. We also encourage you to meet with and listen to our agents. We want to ensure you are completely satisfied with how your brand is being represented.

B2B Lead Generation & New Business

SFS pride themselves in providing a tailored professional and high quality service. We understand the importance of representing your business with professionalism, and maintaining your reputation as an authority in your field. That’s why we recruit and train our own agents in our unique methodologies. Our staff are the first step in building lasting profitable relationships. They do not pretend to be experts in your discipline. Their expertise is in finding, engaging and qualifying new business opportunities which you can profit from.

Our reporting and handover process means that you will regularly receive an extensive list of high quality qualified prospects, in industries aligned with your business direction and outcomes.

B2B Appointment Setting

At SFS we have three core disciplines - Call | Convert | Create - these are designed to give you a competitive advantage by continually bringing new business to your bottom line. If your business is currently attending four new business meetings per week / month, ask yourself what the impact would be by increasing those to six or eight?  

SFS will fully brief your managers, partners or advisors prior to each meeting. We do this to ensure they are fully prepared with a comprehensive report on the prospect's objections, challenges, and the solution that they are seeking before they attend. This makes each meeting both effective and efficient, and leads to significant increases in business growth.

Exceeding Targets: Performance Projects

After an initial piloted period and subject to negotiation & agreed KPI’s we are happy to discuss a performance based arrangement. Confident that we have ‘Skin in the Game’ and that you are only billed based on the actual results achieved - these open ended agreements can be very successful. Many of our clients find this fixed/variable model to be incredibly effective to provide both peace of mind and outcomes that exceed their expectations.

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