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Performance Projects

Want a partner who has skin in the game? If you don’t like the idea of paying a flat monthly fee for our services then you should take look at our performance based agreements.

Typically these agreements work like this; On completion of an initial pilot campaign 4 – 6 weeks we will have gained enough empirical data to determine exactly how much work and effort is required to generate a range of leads and opportunities to a mutually agreed standard. This first pilot is billed at our normal rate.

Assuming we exceed the initial KPI’s and both parties are happy to proceed, we can then negotiate a ‘value’ for a range of lead types based on the actual results achieved.  We invoice you 50% of our normal fee at the start of the phase [normally a month] and have to reach an agreed target before we can bill you. 

Our Fixed/Variable model is beneficial for both parties, we can improve our yield, whilst you are guaranteed only to pay for results – which you sign off on.

Contact a member of our sales team and find out what projects have worked in the past and whether this is the right service for you.

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