Partner Acquisition

Channel Development

Partner Acquisition

Our channel development services assist blue-chip and enterprise Tech and Finance companies create and develop relationships supporting their partner networks. We often work with vendors and their strategic partners to support sales and marketing initiatives on both international and domestic projects. Our lead generation services can be ‘white labelled’ at a localised level ensuring that your partners are represented at their brand level and you have control over the supply.

Improving Partner effectiveness

Many organisations are frustrated with both the number and quality of opportunities their partners are independently developing. We have a number of proven systems and techniques which reduce the passivity and increase the partners’ commercial activity in marketing and selling your products and services.

You have invested a lot of time and energy in selecting and supporting the right partner / reseller network our services continually sharpen your partner program and drive their market growth and sales effectiveness.

Driving targeted leads and tailored commercial opportunities to specific elements within your channel increases participation, increases accountability and develops revenue streams and makes happier more profitable partners.

SFS are often tasked with delivering quick turnaround tactical projects; creating targeted and focused lead generation initiatives. By supporting your distributor and / or reseller market with leads and opportunities you are making them more accountable and effective as valued partners. Contact us and ask us to show you  some examples of projects we have delivered.

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