We will call into your target list a few weeks prior to the event. Our agents will provide prospects with all of the event details, ascertain the level of interest in the event and determine whether they are likely to attend.


A few days prior to the event we will follow up with those prospects who were interested in attending the event. Our agents will remind them about the event and confirm that they are still interested in attending.

Follow Up

A couple of days after the event we will follow up with attendees to get feedback as well as to reinforce the call to action. We will also follow up with prospects that didn't show and determine the reason for their absence while at the same time communicating the call to action from the event.


B2B Event Support

Need more attendees at your events?

Events are a great way to attract and engage prospetive customers as well as to entertain existing clients. Marketing teams put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect lunch or breakfast event but then realize that they need to ensure that they get enough prospects attending to make it all worth their while.

This is where Strike Force Sales can help - we can ensure that the right people get to YOUR event.

We use a three pronged approach in conjunction with an email or direct mail marketing campaign to help you get an indication of the number of attendees as well as to follow up with the no shows after the event.



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