Trained & Skilled Agents

Our agents have been fully briefed on your product or service by you prior to picking up the phone to ensure that we represent your brand to the same standard as would your own sales team.



Qualified Appointments

Each appointment is qualified against 6 different buying levels so that you can prioritize red hot leads from those that require a longer nurturing process.

Detailed Call Report

For each appointment generated you will receive a comprehensive report on the prospects needs and interest as well as the details of the appointment.

Real-time Calendar Invite

According to your preference we can action a calendar invite so that the appointment goes straight into your diary at the time of the call, which also confirms that the meeting is secured.

B2B Appointment Setting Services

What would happen if you could increase the number and quality of meetings and appointments in your team’s sales diaries?  All things being equal – more meetings equal more sales. If new business is important to you then we believe it should be the first thing you do each day.

Appointment setting isn’t easy – otherwise everyone would be doing it. Most call centres are populated with young, unmotivated and inexperienced staff. Add to this a complex product / service, a poorly written and presented script and a hard to reach C level executive and it is easy to see why most call centres do not achieve the goals they promise.

We stand by the quality of all the opportunities we create. What that means is all the pertinent points we qualify and confirm need to be correct or we do it again. The team here have been delivering quality opportunities for businesses since 2008. We quality check all of our appointments before they are sent or uploaded into your CRM. In addition we qualify every lead against 6 buying levels.

Our notes on each meeting contain observations and anecdotal information on buying signals and prospect preferences. We always ensure the prospect is clear on the reason for the meeting, and their expectations re the process moving forward.      

Strike Force Sales understands the prospect’s buying journey. We operate as a key member of your sales team and help you drive new business sales. It is in our interest that you convert appointments into new business as soon as possible and generate a real ROI.

Often we can build road trips for individual members of your team and can organize appointments in order by location.





Client Testimonial

“The appointments are going very well. All have been well qualified. (Four of the five received) have resulted in an opportunity in the next 6 months, value of about $150k USD”


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