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 Business-ignore-online-AFRWeb Inquiries Routinely  Ignored
 The Australian Financial  Review
 August 5, 2008

 "Small businesses can lift  sales by learning
 from the communication  failures of bigger  businesses."

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 FinReview Apr09Kings of the Cold Call In Demand
 Business Enterprise
 April 4-5, 2009

 "A young company that generates sales leads is  thriving as the market for new clients tightens."

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 Give-them-what-they-want-BRWGive em' What They Want
 August 27 - September 30, 2009

 "In difficult times, companies that can meet  the expectations of existing customers will  win others away from  their rivals."

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 How-to-make-people-listenHow To Make People Listen
 Sunday Telegraph Magazine
 January, 2011

 "Speak up and make yourself (and your  needs) heard with these expert tips."

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 Selling-is-War-NettmagSelling Is War
 NETT Magazine
 November, 2009

 "When companies struggle with sales, now  they can call in the experts.John Mehlman  speaks to Strike Force Sales about the art  of selling, how most companies don't use  email as an effective sales tool and how they  can fix it."

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