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Born in Northern Ireland in the early 60’s Ciaran McGuigan and his family have lived in Australia since 1988. He is a successful business owner, author, trainer, speaker and recognised expert in the one discipline which is critical to every businesses success – generating new business! 

     globe-icon-small The Australian Financial Review names SFS as ‘The Kings of Cold Calling’
‘Kochie’s Business Builders’ calls him their ‘Sales Guru’
His techniques are used all over the world by successful and dynamic organisations

Ciaran and his team specialise in helping their clients win more business – more often! His first book; “The World’s Best Sales Tips” has been described as ‘the Swiss Army Knife of sales books’ And his second book: ‘Impact Negotiating’ was a global project with some of the giants of negotiating – James Hennig and Herb Cohen.

He is the owner and founder of Strike Force Sales; Australia’s leading New Business Development agency. Ciaran’s unique strategies and techniques have helped some of Australia’s leading organisations build their sale culture and team performance.

Recognised as Australia's leading speaker on B2B Prospecting and New Business Development, in 2008 Ciaran McGuigan anticipated the looming financial crisis and realised that the forgotten sales skills of the early 1990's were soon going to be in demand. He founded 'Strike Force Sales' and quickly established one of the regions fastest growing businesses.

Named by The Australian Financial Review as 'The Kings of Cold Calling', the business quickly established itself and was listed in the top 100 of BRW's Fast Starters. Business owners and executives use their unique systems and razor sharp team of experts at SFS, to generate momentum and results in their sales and marketing strategies.

As a salesman, Business Owner, Employer, Author and genuine expert, Ciaran’s systems and methodologies empower you, your team and business to achieve the success it deserves! He holds a Masters degree in Marketing and has lectured in Planning and Marketing Strategy at the University of Technology Sydney.



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