Acquiring the right Data

Increasingly, professional sales and marketing executives understand the critical role that correct data management and engineering plays in their success. For organizations searching for sustainable competitive advantages, SFS are able to assist in the creation of a custom dataset that can integrate with your existing CRM / datasets.

Strike Force Sales data partners have access to contact information on more than 2.8 million businesses across the ANZ/Asia region. Our data partners and their expertise have proven to be invaluable in ensuring that we have the best possible start with the right list.

Often a target list has to be constructed from a variety of available lists. For instance lists from Industry associations, publications, data brokers, all need to have duplicates [by company and executive] removed, washed against current clients and the resultant dataset creates a unique ‘amalgam’ for the campaign or project 

It’s your data. Before, during and after your project - we do not own any data. For any of our projects it is important to note that the data is exclusive to you and your project. It will be returned to you on completion of the project and any inhouse files destroyed. This is critical as many call centres and lead generation companies will resell the same data to different clients – often competitors.

Data planning, engineering and acquisition services are offered to all of our clients as part of our core service.


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